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03SNH 0022-2100000SKM0120,000pcs   
03SNH 0023-280000SKM0120,000pcs   
03SWV 2022-ISO144000SKM018,000pcs   
03SWV 2023-ISO64000SKM018,000pcs   
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 Item CodeLot NumberQuantityDelivery Date
03SWV 2022-ISO6F08F800019/12/2016
03SWV 2022-ISO6F09AB800019/12/2016
03SWV 2022-ISO6F09BC800019/12/2016
03SWV 2022-ISO6J02AB800019/12/2016
03SWV 2022-ISO6J04CD800019/12/2016
03SWV 2022-ISO6J12DE800019/12/2016
03SWV 2022-ISO6K05F26A800019/12/2016
03SWV 2022-ISO6K26AB800019/12/2016
03SWV 2022-ISO6K26BC800019/12/2016
03SWV 2022-ISO6K26CD800019/12/2016
DateDescriptionPerformed By
29/05/2022 05:55 AMDelivery Order No: 007291 has been delivered
Pending for Meditop Receipt confirmation
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